NBD AI Bulletin,Huatai Securities Co., Ltd. ("the Company", SH 601688, closing price: 17.74 yuan) announced Thursday that its shareholder Guoxin Group increased about 20.01 million shares of the Company's H shares through Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect the HK from April 3, 2020 to date. The shares involved account for about 0.22% of the Company's total shares, reaching the lower limit of the relevant increase plan, not exceeding the upper limit. After the increase, Guoxin Group holds about 1,349 million shares of the Company, accounting for about 14.86% of the Company's total share capital. As of Thursday, the increase plan has been completed.

According to the 2019 Annual Report, Huatai Securities Co., Ltd.'s main businesses are securities brokerage, asset management, institutional services, other business, others, and internal offsets, accounting for 36.91%, 23.84%, 23.34%, 10.75%, 8.95%, -3.79% of revenue, respectively.

Huatai Securities Co., Ltd. is chaired by Zhang Wei, male, 56 years old, holding a Master's degree of Nanjing University. Huatai Securities Co., Ltd.'s president is Zhou Yi, 51 years old, with a Bachelor's degree.

(By Li Menglin)

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